The Mid-Atlantic Mathematical Logic Seminar is an ongoing program of grass-roots meetings in mathematical logic in the northeastern United States. It is funded by grant #DMS-1834219 from the National Science Foundation, which provides travel support for speakers, students, and researchers without other means of support, so that they can attend MAMLS meetings. The Principal Investigator for this grant is Prof. Russell Miller, of Queens College and the CUNY Graduate Center, and the grant is administered by the Research Foundation of CUNY. For many years, Prof. Arthur Apter was the mainstay of the MAMLS grant, and we salute his efforts through those years.

The meetings funded by MAMLS include several recurring conference series: the Groups, Logic, and Dynamics meeting (GLaD), the New England Recursion and Definability Seminar (NERDS), the NorthEast Model Theory Day (NEMTD), and the annual Rutgers Logic Meeting. It is hoped that a series entitled New England Set Theory (NEST) may soon join this list. In addition, wild-card MAMLS meetings take place intermittently. Students and others who wish to apply for MAMLS funding to attend one of these meetings should initiate the process by sending e-mail to Russell Miller.

MAMLS Meetings


We are pleased to announce that the NorthEast Model Theory Day will return in this spring, hosted by Wesleyan University in Middletown, CT on Saturday May 4, 2024. After a NEMTD hiatus of several years, this one-day meeting is the first in what we hope will become an annual series, bringing together those interested in model theory from across the region. On May 4 the speakers will be Paul Baginski (Fairfield), Artem Chernikov (Maryland), Alf Dolich (CUNY), and Alexei Kolesnikov (Towson).

All are welcome, but please register by Monday, April 22nd here. Limited travel support is available. NEMTD 2024 sponsored by the Mid-Atlantic Mathematical Logic Seminar and the Wesleyan Department of Mathematics and Computer Science.


The New England Recursion and Definability Seminar meets twice a year, with a focus on computability theory, broadly interpreted. Meetings are open to all interested scholars in the region, regardless of your background or level in logic, and we encourage everyone connected with logic and computability to attend, learn something new, and make some logician friends. Some travel funding is available, thanks to the NSF grant supporting MAMLS. Anyone who is interested in attending and needs support for travel to NERDS should contact Russell Miller. The next NERDS meeting will take place in Autumn 2024. Details will be available here and on the NERDS website.


The main goal of the meeting series "Groups, Logic and Dynamics" is to bring together people from different areas of math with common interest in groups and their actions, and to build a community around them. The scope of the meeting is very broad. It includes descriptive set theory, dynamics, geometric and measured group theory. GLaD is open to all interested scholars in the region. Students and early career researchers are particularly encouraged to participate. The meeting is partially funded by the NSF grant supporting MAMLS. Anyone who is interested in attending and needs support for travel to GLaD should contact Filippo Calderoni and Russell Miller. The next GLaD meeting is expected to occur in the 2024-25 academic year. The website for the most recent meeting is still available here.