February 24
Johanna Franklin, Hofstra University
Generalizing a question of Gromov

When Gromov asked 'What is a typical group?', he was thinking of finitely presented groups, and he proposed an approach involving limiting density. Here, we reframe this question in the context of universal algebra and discuss some examples illustrating the behaviors of some of these algebraic varieties and then general conditions that imply some of these behaviors. Our primary general result states that for a commutative generalized bijective variety and presentations with a single generator and single identity, the zero-one law holds and, furthermore, that the sentences with density 1 are those true in the free structure. The proof of this result requires a specialized version of Gaifman's Locality Theorem that enables us to get a better bound on the complexity of the formulas of interest to us.

This work is joint with Meng-Che 'Turbo' Ho and Julia Knight.