March 13
Rebecca Coulson, United States Military Academy
The Bipartite Diameter 3 Metrically Homogeneous Graphs of Generic Type: Their Ages and Their Almost Sure Theories
The class of random graphs famously satisfies a zero-one law: every first-order sentence in the language of graphs is such that the proportion of finite graphs on n vertices which satisfy this sentence goes either to zero or to one as n goes to infinity. The 'almost-sure' theory of the class of finite graphs matches the generic theory of its Fraisse limit - the Rado graph. Interestingly, the almost-sure theory of the class of finite triangle-free graphs does not match the theory of the generic triangle free graph. In this talk, we will discuss another class of graphs which are Fraisse limits defined by forbidden configurations, and we examine two such graphs in particular. We show that for one of the them, its generic theory does match the corresponding almost-sure theory, and that for the other, the generic theory does not match the corresponding almost-sure theory.