March 2
Ali Enayat, University of Gothenburg
PA with a class of indiscernibles

This talk focuses on the theory PAI (I for Indiscernibles), a theory formulated in the language of PA augmented with a unary predicate I(x). Models of PAI are of the form (M,I) where (1) M is a model of PA, (2) I is a proper class of M, i.e., I is unbounded in M and (M,I) satisfies PA*, and (3) I forms a class of indiscernibles over M. The formalizability of the Infinite Ramsey Theorem in PA makes it clear that PAI is a conservative extension of PA. As we will see, nonstandard models of PA (of any cardinality) that have an expansion to a model of PAI are precisely those nonstandard models PA that can carry an inductive partial satisfaction class. The formulation and investigation of PAI was inspired by my work on the set theoretical sibling ZFI of PAI, whose behavior I will also compare and contrast with that of PAI.