July 10
Peter Holy, University of Udine
Uniform large cardinal characterizations and ideals up to measurability
Many prominent large cardinal notions up to measurability can be characterized by the existence of certain ultrafilters for small models of set theory. Most prominently, this includes weakly compact, ineffable, Ramsey and completely ineffable cardinals, but there are many more, and our characterization schemes also give rise to many new natural large cardinal concepts. Moreover, these characterizations allow for the uniform definition of ideals associated to these large cardinals, which agree with the ideals from the set-theoretic literature (for example, the weakly compact, the ineffable, the Ramsey or the completely ineffable ideal) whenever such had been previously established. For many large cardinal notions, we can show that their ordering with respect to direct implication, but also with respect to consistency strength corresponds in a very canonical way to certain relations between their corresponding large cardinal ideals. This is all material from a fairly extensive joint paper with Philipp Luecke, and I will try to provide an overview as well as present some particular results from this paper.