November 20
Philipp Schlicht, University of Vienna
The recognisable universe in the presence of measurable cardinals

A set x of ordinals is called recognisable if it is defined, as a singleton, by a formula phi(y) with ordinal parameters that is evaluated in L[y]. The evaluation is always forcing absolute, in contrast to even Sigma_1-formulas with ordinal parameters evaluated in V. Furthermore, this notion is closely related to similar concepts in infinite computation and Hamkins' and Leahy's implicitly definable sets.

It is conjectured that the recognisable universe generated by all recognisable sets is forcing absolute, given sufficient large cardinals. Our goal is thus to determine the recognisable universe in the presence of large cardinals. The new main result, joint with Philip Welch, is a computation of the recognisable universe within the least inner model with infinitely many measurable cardinals.