April 15
Joel David Hamkins, Notre Dame University
The surprising strength of reflection in second-order set theory with abundant urelements

I shall give a general introduction to urelement set theory and the role of the second-order reflection principle in second-order urelement set theory GBCU and KMU. With the abundant atom axiom, asserting that the class of urelements greatly exceeds the class of pure sets, the second-order reflection principle implies the existence of a supercompact cardinal in an interpreted model of ZFC. The proof uses a reflection characterization of supercompactness: a cardinal $\kappa$ is supercompact if and only if for every second-order sentence true in some structure $M$ (of any size) is also true in a first-order elementary substructure $m\prec M$ of size less than $\kappa$. This is joint work with Bokai Yao. http://jdh.hamkins.org/surprising-strength-of-reflection-with-abundant-urelements-cuny-set-theory-seminar-april-2022